Using Route Planning in RouteIQ for Field Mapping Solution

Do you want to streamline your route planning for field operations? Here is how you can use the RouteIQ feature for route planning. Learn more.

Published on February 27, 2024

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Are you looking for a solution to streamline your field operations with the proper route planning to save fuel and time? Proper route planning helps your team members to analyze their routes before the start and prepare themselves accordingly.

The team schedules can change anytime as they have to visit clients and handle various tasks at the same time. In such a scenario, managing and organizing team members’ activities can be crucial because the fast-paced working era makes it challenging to keep an eye on all the activities at the same time.

Who is this Feature for?

  • Sales team

  • Service technicians

  • Delivery and logistics

  • Field service management

  • Marketing and outreach

  • Survey and assessment teams

  • Non-profits

  • Real estate agents

  • Healthcare

  • Educational institutions

  • Event management

What Progress would you Achieve?

  • Route planning helps in the achievement of enhanced efficiency of field operations. The optimized routes can minimize travel time and distance

  • With Route planning, you can enhance customer services as timely and well-planned visits increase customer satisfaction

  • Valuable data and insights into field operations including visit history, resource allocation, and travel plans enable businesses to make informed decisions about refined strategies and field operation optimization in a better way


Businesses with mobile operations can easily map their field operations with the help of RouteIQ route planning. By integration of smart route planning, the field visits get streamlined, and enhanced operational efficiency is obtained. The integration helps in boosting the field activities with more productive output. The synchronized data helps in ensuring accurate information exchange between systems of the businesses which eventually leads to improved customer services, minimized operational costs, and data-driven business insights. This approach leads to the strategic benefits that help businesses to provide seamless services based on real-time information.

Why do we Use Route Planning in RouteIQ?

For efficient resource utilization like distance, traffic, and time for route optimization, route planning is used. Route planning helps field members to cover more ground areas in minimum time. Minimum wear and tear and also lesser fuel costs aid in operational efficiency with route planning. Route planning offers real-time updates and rerouting in case of traffic or any issues. It also streamlines communication between headquarters and field team members to ensure all are on the same page.

How to Use Route Planning in RouteIQ?

Go to the leads page and click on the Map view button at the top right corner. It will open a map of leads. Click on the list view of leads and it will show you the leads list. With the help of the Lasso tool on the right side of the map, draw a line around the required leads you want to add to the route. Now click on the create route button to create the route of the selected leads.

Now name the route as per your choice. Choose a route type from flexible or scheduled and set a start time. In the itinerary option, select the start point from the selected lead which you want to keep at first to visit. Then choose any stop if you want and then add an endpoint. Click on the create button when you click on the lead it will show you lead information as well. In front of lead names in the itinerary, you can also choose the duration of the appointment.

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